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Package D - Immediate Disposition with Memorial Service Elsewhere

Professional Services
The professional services of a funeral director and the basic staff services for initial transfer from place of death to funeral home and transfer to cemetery or crematorium

A fee for obtaining, completing and filing all documents required by municipal and provincial legislation including payment of any regulatory fees

Initial Transfer
The use of a vehicle and equipment for the transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home. NOTE: This charge applies within the region of Elgin Middlesex. Mileage outside the region will be charged at $1.25/km one way.

Facilities & Equipment for Visitation
Memorial service, use of funeral home and staff, as well as funeral stationary including our standard register book for guests, printed memorial folders and/or prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, and funeral director's statement of death.

Prepare/Shelter Remains
Supervision and any preliminary preparation of remains until disposition, and staff for day of memorial service. Basic use of facilities and use of the preparation room for the shelter of the remains until disposition. Use of the facilities the day of the memorial service.

Service Vehicle
Use of service vehicle for the transfer to funeral home, to the cemetery or crematorium, and for the return of ashes to funeral home.