Why Pre-plan?

Today, we hear more and more about estate planning. And the more you read the papers, look at direct mail delivered to your door, or listen to the radio, the more you hear about pre-arranging or pre-paying their funeral expenses.

Benefits of Pre-planning

  • Pre-paying funeral expense helps “get your affairs in order” along with preparing your will, tax planning and obtaining adequate life insurance. It’s a responsible part of protecting your family’s future.

  • Pre-paying can reduce the emotional burden of having to make detailed arrangements in a short period of time, at a time of sadness, stress and vulnerability, and so many other decisions and arrangements have to be made.

  • Pre-paying eliminates the financial burden to your family, who may not be prepared for this expense

  • Revenue Canada has passed special regulations which ensure that the interest on your prepaid funeral accumulates tax free, as long as it is spent on the funeral, unlike funds accumulating in a bank account for that purpose.

  • You may cancel your prepaid funeral contract at any time and get a refund of your payment plus accumulated interest, less a small cancellation fee.

  • Funeral decisions made in advance, at a time when everyone is calm and in good health, are more likely to be rational and carefully thought out, than those made in a hurry, at a time of upset and vulnerability.