Important Telephone Numbers
Major Banks:
CIBC                                           1-800-465-2422
BMO                                           1-800-555-3000
Royal Bank of Canada               1-800-769-2511
TD Canada Trust                       1-866-222-3456
ING Direct                                  1-888-464-0727
Scotia Bank                               1-800-472-6842
PC Financial                              1-888-872-4724
Gas Cards:
Esso (Imperial Oil)                     1-800-567-3776
Petro Canada                            1-800-668-0220
Shell                           1-800-263-2263 (Visions)
Sunoco                                      1-888-622-2283
Major Department Stores:
Sears                         1-800-265-3675 ext. 5159
The Bay                                     1-800-387-4540
Zellers                                       1-800-387-4540
Canadian Tire                           1-800-263-0471
Ikea                                           1-800-233-8557
Home Depot                               1-800-747-3787
Walmart                                      1-866-685-5690
Bank of Montreal                        1-800-263-2263
Customer Care for Mastercard   1-800-265-9710
Hepcoe Credit Union                   1-800-268-8023
C.I.B.C                        1-800-256-8580 ext. 6092
Laurentian Bank of Canada       1-800-522-1846
Royal Bank                                1-800-769-2512
Scotia Bank                               1-800-387-6556
Canada Trust                            1-866-672-1353
PC Financial                              1-888-872-4724
Union Gas                                     519-344-3676
Cogeco                                         519-336-6200
Bell Canada – phone                 1-800-668-6878
Bell Canada – internet               1-800-773-2121
Bell Canada – wireless               1-800-667-0123
Bell Canada – satellite                1-888-759-3474
Rogers Canada - wireless           1-855-381-7834

Driver’s License:
You do not need to call anyone. Simply mail in the actual driver’s license, a Proof of Death Certificate and a cover letter to:
Ministry of Transportation
Licensing and Control Branch
PO Box 9100
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5K3

Social Insurance Number:
You do not need to call anyone. You may go in person to a local Human Resources Development Canada office or simply mail in the actual card (or just the number), a Proof of Death Certificate and a cover letter to:
Social Insurance Registration
PO Box 7000
Bathurst, New Brunswick
E2A 4T1

Health Card (OHIP):  Ministry of Health 1-800-268-1154
Mail a proof of death certificate along with the health card (if there is one) to this address:
Ministry of Health
PO Box 1700
Station A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1G9

St.Thomas Times Journal  519-631-2790
London Free Press            1-800-265-4100
Toronto Star                   1-800-268-9213
American Express              1-800-387-9700
Platinum Card                    1-800-263-1616
ETR                                    1-888-407-0407
CAA                                        519-344-8686
Air Miles                               1-888-247-6453
HBC                                      1-800-844-8131
Optimum                               1-800-746-7737